31 January 2009

Drawing Down the Bones, Another Art

I got responses for Herat, so I figured I'd show something else. I wonder how weird it would be to write a story about centaurs. I think they make great cartoons and movies, but never are much the center of attention. They're odd, and out of the norm enough to be given a wide berth when circulating a tale regarding such a strange and wonderful creature. Without further ado, my own Sagittarius(Yes, I am such).


Jenn said...

This so so beautiful. I love the border.

Yes, write a story about centaurs. Write about them living now, and here.

Kaye said...

Wow! Get you with the arty skills huh? :-P

Jinxie G said...

My, you are quite talented. This is a beautiful piece! I love centaurs, always have. =)