30 January 2009

Drawing down the Bones

Kay got me to thinking about how I used to draw my characters, that is until I grew so frustrated with my lack of skill to make them just right. I fished out one of them, well, the best one I could find. I did angels too, but they aren't characters...hmm.

Anyway...here he is:

Meet Herat-Amon. Maybe someday you really will.


Dan said...

Whoa, dude, that's actually really good. I do the same thing, but with noticeably less skill.

Jenn said...

That *is* good. Have you ever thought about writing a graphic novel?

Unknown said...

I've thought about it for sure, having a comic/artist in my bed with me. It's a tough craft, and frankly, writing a novel is easier than drawing it. Thanks for the compliments, I am looking at the picture and seeing where I could *fix* it. Heehee. The perfectionist never sleeps. And she gets in fist-fights with the Muse.

Grégoire said...

Long ago, I was stuck working in a town called Yellowknife (not much night life there, lemmetellya) where I saw a movie called _The Crow_. I ended up doodling similar things, though not nearly as well as you've done here.

Whatever your inspiration for such stuff, it's pretty cool, and I'm jealous of your abilities.

Unknown said...

The Crow is definitely a source of inspiration, but this guy here is Egyptian, so yes, perhaps I did borrow a bit of that make-up concept from that series. Interesting. Never thought of my Ancient as a Brandon Lee type. It's been too long since I watched that movie. I suppose we are all sponges.