28 January 2009

Gist of.

Last night I took a chance on what Pia suggested and introduced Avanti to M.. Turns out, she doesn't really like him, and the resultant friction set them to immediate conflict and very interesting conversation. Avanti told me about Remiel, and how she really hates loving him, but she can't help it. We all know how vampires can be (persuasive).

Avanti, a self-titled vampire slayer is descended from Lycanthropes but doesn't know it. She takes a leap of faith according to a vampire's words. The superior races are dying out, and her help is needed to preserve what is left of two very proud species.

Differentiating between true vampires and false impressionists, Avanti takes a very different path, finding out the dark truth about herself, this vampire whom she has to admit she is in love with, and the destruction of a horrible human-vampire profit scheme.

That's the general gist of the story. I hope this one is realized. I think I like Avanti and Rem enough to stamp my name on the story. It's like a tattoo: once you do it, you have it there forever.

Seeing as I stayed up quite late last night writing furiously in my dump-pad, I'm mentally exhausted today. It was like a good run, only with this, my knees still really hurt. Must be the weather.

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Pia Veleno said...

Excellent! I'm glad the exercise opened up your Muse. My baby told me all about the history needed for my story... stuff that I couldn't seem to sort out on my own. How fascinating these characters can be when faced with the Unknown! I'm looking forward to seeing more about Avanti and her forbidden love.