30 January 2009

Just Additional Misanthropy

I am definitely going to be going crazy this weekend.

...the husband's computer has died. For any of you that even remotely know him, he is a computer ADDICT, yet he tells me the computer isn't a need. Tell that to the man that stood in the middle of the room last night looking lost. To the man that grouched up because his addiction wasn't properly fed.

“Draw,” I told him, “You know, in analog.”

To his credit, he did try. He even put on a movie. I sat next to him with my pirate books in my lap, trying to decide if Remiel was from the 1600's or the 1700's. Whether Avanti is in college, was in college, and what country she is in now.

I know that this weekend is truly going to suck. This little laptop is giving errors more often than not, and it's the last machine in the house. I may as well get cable and a big-screen tv, watch some football and scratch myself when I think no one is looking. How terribly unfortunate. We stay away from soda and cable, knowing the fair-enough consequences of rotting your brain.

Bah, this entry goes nowhere. I'm off to do something else in this teeny expanse of time.


Jenn said...

ugh. Good luck this weekend! Do you like boardgames? Those are helpful when the Internet isn't available.

Unknown said...

We have literally TONS. I'm about to have the husband examined. He packed up his computer and announced he doesn't want to worry about getting a new one.