04 January 2009

A new year, a new blog...

I decided that I'd get a big girl's account on Blogger and see where it leads. I already have about fifty blogs I follow on my Google Reader, so this is even more convenient.

I suppose that the first blog post should be about me, right? Wrong. Who I am doesn't matter very much at all, because I'm definitely not where I need to be professionally. I work for a household name, although I'm not supposed to disclose because I'd then be considered as a viable opinion of said-entity.

Fair enough.

I have kids. I'm married. Whatever. That part works.

What isn't working in is the writing part of it all. I write on an almost constant basis: From vampires to tragic poetry, blogs to blurbs, I do it. I write short stories about heads that come back from the dead.

I am, obviously, still unpublished. I haven't submitted anything in years. I guess I'm just nervous and unsure in my skills at editing, of all things. What to indent? How many spaces? How should dialogue be formatted?

Stupid stuff like that.

I have several profiles on several different meaningless writing sites. My peers are also unpublished, else they'd not be on meaningless writing sites = the self-publishing on the internet, and for me at least, that is really effing taboo.

Call me a slow learner. It took nearly a decade to realize you can't cut corners on this. It has to be regarded carefully. It has to be edited. It has to make sense to someone besides me. Abstract does work at times, but when the Reader is left scratching his or her head at what in nine hells is the passage about, that Reader has been lost.

I don't want to lose you, Dear Reader. Believe in me.


Dan said...

Stalky stalky stalk. :)

I've learned there's no better support system around than the other unpublished folks out there on the 'net.

Unknown said...

So I'm learning Dan. Thanks.