27 February 2009

ADD or just Plain Nuts?

It's the end of another week, and what a smashing finish. Did anyone see the moon tonight? I was on the phone to my friend (who has a $800 camera) begging him to take a picture of the bugger. Venus was bright, and with the slight misty ring...absolutely unbelievable. I hope he got the picture. Man I hope so. It's perfect for M's blog.

Speaking of people who don't exist, I decided to pull another car out of the garage. This one's a little less formal than Mr. Stuffy-Pants. I call him Xanox. The blog, freshly created, is Pale Rider. Feel free to visit and please, I totally welcome a nasty slaughter if I'm fucking up the story flow on either.

We'll see how far these two get. This is a panel test, and you guys are my delightful lab bunnies. Or am I yours?

Only time will tell.


Grégoire said...

Not that it means anything, but I find the characters in pale rider very approachable. That's a matter of personal taste rather than some attempt at objective criticism, and it probably reveals a bit about me that I'd be able to identify with that particular story. It's cool though. I'm digging it.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, everyone. Greg, you've been an awesome reader. Jinx promotes my stuff on Twitter. I think this is how I want to tell their stories. Openly.

Xanox is a much more modern fellow, while M appeals to the refined taste and of course, women. Teehee. That's the beauty of it. You get both.

Diane said...

my brain could never keep up with all that's going on in your pretty little head! you're a very creative and talented woman!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the boost Diane!