05 February 2009


To this date, I've missed two major deadlines, and mostly because my attention has been defused by several factors, among which is The Old Story, The Baby, and The Job.

To get away for forty-five minutes and type up some sort of something that I've been scribbling at random in my dump book is a definite luxury. To sit and compose a story that actually goes somewhere is still only a pipe dream. So much noise in here, and I don't mean my house. My head is filled with gobbledegook from throughout the day: Technical Process Documents, Random Facts gleaned from the history book open on its face on the corner of my desk, To-Do lists inscribed in my mind that easily fuzz out when I'm actually standing at the store, worries over money, and the claim that was denied by my Dental...I should really call them to interpret this in English.

In other words, I am so busy.

I'd set up a nice little get-together with my small band of friends, old and new, and it fell through. I haven't really been out in months. I did get coffee with Kite last Saturday (or was it Sunday?) but it was 90 minutes. I ended up overdosing on caffeine and having a restless night, which has continued as a trend these past few nights.

I just want sleep. To have a silent spot where I can tune into my Muse, and understand these storylines and thoughts on plot.

I can't do both.

I do have good news: Last night, the new story breathed life for the first time. Avanti met Remiel, and already, sparks are flying between them. I may start debriefing on a generalized idea of what is going on/has happened between the two unlikely lovebirds.

1642 / 75000 words. 2% done!

If you want, that is. Oh hell. I'll do it because I want to.

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Jinxie G said...

I completely understand the gobbledegook. I'm experiencing the same lately with bouts of insomnia that transfers over into sleeping entirely too long other days. I haven't been able to do much "creative" writing these days, but this morning, I took a look at my werewolf novel to see how I could fix it, and it's talking! YAY!

And I haven't been out, either. I'm too broke. LOL The gym is about as far as I get anymore.

I look forward to reading this story of yours. =)