17 February 2009

Not a professional

It seems like everywhere I turn, everyone is seeking attention. Read me, review me, comment, anything...just love me. Validate the reason I exist here.

Yes, we are all human. We all bleed. We all breathe. We all die.

We have various beliefs, colors, sizes, and affinities, but we are all the same. What makes us unique to one another is our minds. The brain is a powerful entity, creating or destroying illusions or concrete realities so tangible you can almost reach out and touch it.

We wander in own halls, caressed by the strong breezes of creativity, and drink from the very river that all others have drank before. We are part of the process, but each and every mind is like another door in the Akashic halls of legend.

We love, we nurture. We encourage and disarm. We abhor and dismantle. Each and every day.

Perhaps I am too hard on those that desperately seek my acceptance. After all, who am I to judge any one person, or a genre or race as a whole? How can I feel confident in knowing that I am vindicated when all I know is what's behind my own little red door?

Life is a participatory sport, not a sideline pastime. That's where it all begins: a strong run and kick then flip into the air, suspended in glorious rainbows for one precious second...

only to merge with the rest of the sparking fishes in this river called the World.


Grégoire said...

don't look at me. my greatest goal has always been to 'swim in the seas of the people'.

keep your fifteen minutes, and take mine too. :)

Nessa Happens said...

Just to keep up the metaphor - a quote:

"...while life harasses us, love is/only a wave taller than the other waves."


Unknown said...

It seems that everyone is desperately seeking that acceptance from others. Just commenting. I'm happy in the shadows.

Unknown said...

Quoting Neruda is always ace in my book!

Unknown said...

Well penned. I'm especially fond of the last paragraph and closing line.

Unknown said...

Thank you.