09 February 2009

That's great, it starts with earthquakes; birds, snakes and airplanes...

I picked up a couple of paranormal 'romance' books or Urban fantasy as the skirt-around is called. Guilty Pleasures, by Laurell K. Hamilton and Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. I've peeked into both of them, and here are my impressions so far, which would match my impression before buying at a bookstore as a customer:

Laurell K. Hamilton: I see why she is so popular. Her front-end hooks land solid and snatch you by the collar straight into the story. This is the first book in this Anita Blake series, but it's obvious she's done work before in this genre. Her descriptions are fleeting and necessary, her character's interior voice is true. Self-description is sparse, yet revealing. As of yet, no smoothing fingers down a skirt (my idea of lazy descriptive).

Kim Harrison: This is her first book, I think. My initial reaction? Yuck. She jumps straight into the story with a Pixie she doesn't describe until a few pages in, takes an entire page to describe wardrobe and makes lazy references to props. I think the most important thing to note is that this is certainly the work of an amateur. I'm hoping that she grows as a writer, because when she's not worrying over details, she flows much better. I previewed newer titles, and it appears that this does (thankfully) happen.

I also have Jeri Smith-Ready's Wicked Game set to arrive soon in the mail. I will post an impression of that when I finish the book. I'm hoping for bedazzlement, because I personally like the author very much.

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Jinxie G said...

While I see the draw to the Anita Blake novels, the main character herself annoys the hell out of me. But, the woman can spin a story.

Don't say yuck about Dead Witch Walking! I'm barely into that book!!! =p Although I have to agree with what you said about the pixie (btw, love that spelling of my name! haha) and wardrobe description.

I picked up Wicked Game and Bone Crossed today, which means I will be non-existent for the next two or three days. =)