26 March 2009

Battered and bruised.

Yesterday was a very bad day. After receiving mind-reeling news from the babysitter, it rained on the drive home.

I was caught in it. In fact, it started when I was driving; all of a sudden, there were truckloads of golf and tennis balls falling out of the sky. People dove off the road any way they could, desperately trying to seek shelter for their poor exposed cars. People argued over spots under a gas station overhang, and drove into private lawns to get under trees. I ducked under a tree but it did little good.

The car has dents. Lots of them. Lots and lots of them. My husband's boss has a broken windshield. Everyone in this area has screwed up cars.

Have you ever been inside a car in a hailstorm? It was what I can imagine being under a dozen baseball bats in a metal barrel sounds like. The baby was in her carseat, and I'm surprised she didn't panic when we were assaulted from the sky. It was weird guys. Really, really weird.

To top that mess off, my ex is back to 'suspending my visitation rights' with my other daughter because of some trolling he apparently did on the net. He won't admit what he found, and I'm not sure what he found, because there was nothing like that for him to find. He claims I issued threats against his life on the internet.

Hey guys, if you find any threats against him, let me know.

I haven't seen her since before Christmas. She's turning nine next week.

...he gives me so many reasons to hate him.


Sullivan McPig said...

Egh.... sorry to hear about your ex's behaviour. Hope he grows a brain soon.

Jinxie G said...

Oh wow, no wonder you like Nemy. Sorry you had such a horrible day, sweetie. I didn't even know about your ex so I haven't seen threats.

Hope your Friday is better! *hugs*

Lisa said...

Are you serious?
What a fucker. Sorry doesn't start to describe.
That really pisses me off. >:(

As for the hail, holy hell.

Is there anything you could do about your ex-asshole?

T.Irwin said...

The hail sounds scary. I've heard of that kind of hail, and even seen some of the results (on the news) but to be there....trapped in the car...scary!

Grégoire said...

Gawd, I'm sorry about that.

Ex-spouses. Gawdalmighty. I have one, but most of my troubles were due to her being far too nice a person, and exposing our daughter to my parents and siblings (despite my endless warnings). Everyone has paid mightily for that misstep.

There's always family court if he's being obnoxious. Hope it gets better.

Luna said...

Wow girl, thats nuts, and yea I will, stuff like that is hard girl, people forget how to act and all, at least your keeping together and being a great parent.