07 March 2009

They're not dead yet

Pale Rider and Allude to Grandeur will be continuing, I just suffered a small bout of writer's block when trying to stretch my resources too thin. I'm scheduling around that at this time, so I have enough of the boys for everyone.

I thank everyone for reading, it means a lot that you enjoy it. I want you to enjoy it.

Today is my daughter's little birthday party, so perhaps tonight. Hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.



Carrie Mae said...

Another 'Carrie' - how wonderful. :)

I'm quite interested in your story blogs. The idea of them fascinates me. I haven't much time to read lately, but I think I'll follow along none the less...


Unknown said...

Welcome and thanks for the follow. The story blogs are under 'Other Stuff' to the right. I welcome all commentary. =)