01 April 2009

A lot of stuff

So I made it through March, a very difficult month indeed, and it is now April 1st, which also happens to be April Fools Day. You know who got me with a joke? My beloved band, Nine Inch Nails. Yes Trent Reznor, clever and funny guy that he is, played us all today on Twitter.

Aside from that, still sitting under 10k for “the” novel/story/whattheeffever, and I believe it's because I'm taking in, instead of the general putting out.

Shush you.

The two characters have been speaking quite clearly but now that I've gotten all mean and serious about doing it, I want to be sure I have my ducks, erm, vampires in a row. No previews are available unless you count M and Xanox's blog. I'll give away a general gist of the story, but most definitely not the whole story.

Enough about me. Well wait. It is my blog after all.

Car is getting repairs done next week. Thank goodness for parents that have extra cars (because they simply cannot stop buying them!) laying around. I lowered my comprehensive deductible, especially since we've had such a moody month of mayhem. Go ahead and hail again—but do it fast. Like before this weekend. =/

Sushi and Weller make up a satisfying evening of absolute slackerdom...after doing the dishes of course.

You know what? Life is damn good. Even if there are road hazards.

That sounded like a tire commercial. Heh.


Luna said...

ugh my mom is fixing her car and she refuses to take the train , she rather call out of work, she is a DIVA. I'm def more like my Dad ha! LOL

Unknown said...

I only wish we had a train here like that.