25 June 2009

The Job Hunters' Survival Kit

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Highest Unemployment rate by state, for the US

As of May 1, 2009 the adjusted unemployment rate in Austin, Texas was 6.1%. A trivial amount, considering that Michigan sits with the highest unemployment rate in the country, at an eye-boggling 14%. All statistics aside, what if you are one of those 4.4% as in Nebraska? It doesn't matter how low the rate really is because you need a job, and you need it yesterday.

Today, we'll look at Job Search Engines:

The LOCAL – Does your newspaper have an online ad system? This is what my local paper's online job search looks like: http://www.statesman.com/hotjobs/content/hotjobs/

The OFTEN MISSED – Whether or not you're aware of it, Craigslist is growing under our feet. The free ads and high traffic for the site for job searches and other sales resources attracts employers. It attracts spammers and frauds also, so be sure you're looking at an ad that makes sense. Use an alternate email address for these initially: http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites Find your state and/or city, and go! The site has a whole search, or partial. I've found the majority of my jobs from this site.

The STATE JOB BANK – After a quick search, I was able to find this site that seems to lead to every state's job resources: http://www.50statejobs.com/gov.html This includes government positions. Before you write yourself off as unqualified, definitely take a look. State jobs pay less but tend to be very secure, with excellent benefits.

The ENGINES – Here is a comprehensive list of all the top engines for job searches I could find:


The ODD JOB – Yes, there are sites out there just for you! Here's a few of the sites I've found for support and income:


*I don't work for any kind of firm. I just know that the unemployment issue is becoming a big problem. I want to help, and to practice writing articles.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

How thoughtful of you to take your time to do this for others. Wow, very kind. The world needs more people like you.

I have a friend (ex-co-worker) I had to lay off a few months ago. I plan on sending her your valuable information.


Unknown said...

Thanks, yes just trying to help those. We're one of that statistic. Thanks for stopping by!