22 June 2009

Unmorose and Strangely Calm

So much has been going on that is entirely too personal that I haven’t written in a bit. As I mentioned last post, the every three weeks seems to be working well as of right now.

So what have I been up to?

Life. Job. Not much writing at all, unless you count Twitter, which doesn’t count at all. It’s more of a holding tank for the furies that seem to arise when I’m held away from the blank page for too long.

I’ve lost five pounds by imposing a stricter diet, started watching a show called “Santuary” on Netflix, practiced some poetry skills, and supported friends as much as they truly need it.

I’ve discovered Beringer’s white merlot wine. It agrees far too easily with my taste.
I gave up hope of catching up for the year on certain needs.

I still think deep inside on what I could be doing, which seems as a distant echo to what I really am doing, and what am I doing?

Surviving, as much as I can these days.

This isn’t meant to be completely morose, just brevity of the absolute complications I find myself in lately.

I won’t be saying anything more of them, except in the same cryptic language that only I can understand, so perhaps this particular post was a certain waste of your time.

Perhaps and perhaps not. It all relies on your level and detail of concern for me as a human being or a friend.

Enough said.


Dan said...

I'm concerned, because that's what friends are for. :)

Is that the SANCTUARY with Carter from STARGATE? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samantha_Carter I tried the first few episodes and it didn't really catch fire for me, so I kind of dropped it. Maybe it gets better? Maybe I should give it another shot?

Unknown said...

Wow, you did NOT give ME the wiki for SG-1! Yes, that's the one. It has a rather quiet start, but for now I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to read about it anywhere else, and it's mine. All mine. Silly? Maybe, but I'm full of silly.

Thanks for stopping by Dan. I didn't publicize this post because it's just a personal note for those that know me, and over 560 people do not "know" me.


Werecat said...

Surviving is never a fun place to be. Realizing where you are sometimes makes it worse. I'm so sorry that you are there. From someone who has spent numerous years in survivorhood, I say hang on to where you want to be and the wine.

Much love to you and hoping that things get better soon.