11 July 2009

Faster, Better, More!

Fact: I have to write daily, or every other day, or I feel strange and pressed, stressed and angry, or something beyond that. As a person who is not-so-gifted with stories constantly running through her head, I have to let them out or do something with the ideas, else I feel I'm letting it go to waste.

In short, I'm pre-coffee and feel obligated to dish out a tidbit or two on me because it's been awhile, and some dumb poem doesn't cut it. At least it wouldn't with me. And it doesn't.

I've rejoined a few old friends, one from high school, and one from about 6-7 years back. The image of Carrie that they retained in their minds isn't entirely accurate any longer. As one friend said to me yesterday, “You've tamed down,” and yes, thank you for noticing. I have and I'm okay with it. I've finally nailed down the art of 'showing a little leg' to the world, but just enough to be tasteful. Everyone has a dark side, and a sexy side, and a serious side. My goal has been to somehow combine the three and add in a good dash of humor and present that to the world as “shadowsinstone”.

I have also, as they say, been writing my ass off.

I entered two contests in the past month, and even though I haven't won anything I've had thoughtful people advise me on how much the piece touched in a deep dark spot inside, or how it made them hurt for the narrator or for me (which is entirely unnecessary, I'm not in pain of any sort). I have the thickest skin when it comes to my work and I completely invite anyone to slaughter it while it's kicking in their arms. I know I'm at least acceptable in my skill and that is good, but the perfectionist and the completist in me drives me on to do more, better and of course faster.

Time is not my ally and through that, I've learned how to get most of the draft right the first time, on the first pass, on the first draft. This is really hard to do, and perhaps it doesn't showcase what I'm truly capable of, but as my sweet husband tells me, “You gotta hold something back until it's the real thing.”

Well I guess so, but it's unintentional. Hee.

So the baby is now up and running about, so this is the end of my three week broadcast. Have a good day.


Stina said...

Your writing touches a lot of deep, dark places, and I can't tell you how inspired your writing makes me. I've written more in the past few weeks than I thought possible, and the muses won't shut up. It's an honor to work with you and know you. :)

Grégoire said...

I finally get a chance to catch up with Pale Rider, but riding off he went, into the moonrise...

Your husband is correct. I've enjoyed my ongoing experiment into writing fast and hard, and I find his advice worthwhile. Turning stuff over in one's mind for a day or two and then dumping it all out is a wonderful experience.

Unknown said...

Pale Rider is just closed until I get more ideas. Don't worry. Marcelles is still about. ;)