23 July 2009


It doesn’t matter how much I attempt to sequester myself, I’m always found and I’m always led back. Take for example, the connections I’ve made on Twitter.

I embraced the geek-toy with exuberance to follow my favorite Tweeter still: Warren Ellis.

I mean the guy is amazingly refreshing, considering how crude and vulgar he gets. But he’s fucking brilliant, every little tidbit he writes just totally speaks to you, you know?

Off track, as is my custom.

My network spans from published authors, to soon-to-be-pubbed authors, to writing hopefuls, to musicians, historians, and developers. It’s strange: For the first time in my life practically, I am defined.

I’m a writer. So what. It isn’t my career and I’m not to the point of being desperate to be seen in print. But the journey is such a sweet experience. To be told by professionals in the business that I should be published is heart-wrenchingly terrifying.

So, let’s recap: By being afraid of people, I’ve amassed an audience.

By not caring who thought what of what I write, I’ve gotten enthusiasts. I hesitate to call them fans. I’ll let them toot their own horns.

And now, for the hell of it, I’m looking to make a vampire Spaghetti Cabellero Mexican Pulp Fictiony Quentin-tribute novel.

Breathing here.

I had to stop and think outside the box, the keyboard, even my own head.
Hey guys, we’re CREATORS.

We make stuff up that has never existed before. Holy shit, that is DEEP.

I started shaking. And then, I picked up my notebook and called Xan home.


injenuity said...

We're fans.

litrock said...

I've always appreciated the creation part of writing. Or art in general. What we do is build worlds and dreams from nothing but our own will. I think the best and most magical thing to do with those creations is share them with the world. It's heady, powerful stuff.

^_^ Also, Warren Ellis is awesome.

Anonymous said...

You know, you never cease to amaze me. Getting these peeks into your head when we're not collaborating or picking our respective characters apart, whether it's in conversation or by reading your blog... it reminds me how lucky we all are that you're allowing us to take this ride with you. Your work is so driven, and so beautiful. I'm honored that you share it with us, and I personally am doubly honored that you let me work with you. :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

It is always inspiring to read your blog and hear what you have to say. Your way of expressing what you are experiencing speaks to me. Love your blog and your writing.


Unknown said...

I'm an idiot. Sometimes I think things so forcefully in my head that I completely forget to say them out loud . . . especially to the person who should hear it. When I read about your new project a thrill went through me. I am so excited for you and for your eventual audience. I'll be one of the first among them singing your praises. What I said in my head and *should* have said out loud is: Go, Carrie, Go!

Werecat said...

You definitely have fans...and so do Xan and M.

Anonymous said...

*Raises hand* FAN!