26 January 2010

Viral in a Good Kind of Way

Linda left me a little tidbit of a surprise on Twitter this night. “Some blog award,” I said, vexed as to the meaning. But when I checked around my fellow #Fridayflashers' blogs, I see it's making the rounds. So! I must continue said tradition, even though usually I hate smiley faces and hearts and flowers make me sneeze...

I heart you guys, my little Flash Fictioners and writers. This troupe is the reason my writing career has blossomed by leaps and bounds. Without further ado, my addition to this viral circle:


Pia Veleno – One of the best (and more controversial) bloggers out there. I know that if I read her blog it'll have content.

Dan Faust – A well-spoken curmudgeon. He talks about comics and writes the best demon hunters around.

Matt – I love his writing. Even if he thinks it sucks.

Christina Vincent – She's going to be huge star one of these days, and I'm going to be able to tell her I told her so.

Amy Taylor – Whom I believe is the best thing to Pablo Neruda when it comes to heart-searing poetry. Make books Amy. I will buy but I want them signed.

Baroness Heather Harris – The sweetest, kindest person on the face of the planet. She's also absolutely brilliant.

Kait Nolan - You heard her name first here. (Kidding) Another rising UF star that has great recipes.

Guys, you know the drill: Copy the emblem, post a blog post and nominate/share with your favorite bloggers. Thanks for brightening my days.


J.C. Towler said...

Hello Carrie,

First visit to your blog, brought here via the Linda leftbrainwrite connection. From your flash I can tell you write up my alley. Look forward to more.


Unknown said...

Hi J.C. always pleased to be 'that kind' of writer. If you have a blog, please link it. I'd love to hear from you.

Linda said...

Great crowd here.

Please, put some pressure on JC -- I've been after him for years to get a blog. Peace, Linda

Dan said...

Ah...I wouldn't say the BEST demon hunters around. Top five. Maybe.


Laura Eno said...

Congrats, Carrie!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

As you smile at your silly award, I look over the true blue plate specials you've served up to read/find all the more ... Hmmm, guess that leaves overly silly at the door.

Hey -- I like Pablo Neruda < I'll read Amy Taylor. And Faustian curmudgeons, and stars that were told so and writers that think they suck but they don't, and controversial content plus the sweetest kindest person on the whole planet and a rising recipe?

Carrie ... your troupe has *zing* -- I'll be checking out where the leaps and bounders are ... sans flowers ... maybe.

~ Absolutely*Kate
letting the Carrie-nation know that their spunky broad is up under the kleig lights AT THE BIJOU for her debut on Double*Feature Thursday ...

Popcorn's there too.
Crunch at will.
~ Absolutely*Kate, lookin' the more forward to knowing you all and your styles and how you grinnn when you see what Carrie wrote up in smiles (she killed No One to do so!)

I better go finish painting up the theatre for her magic ...