14 February 2010

"Deadly Love, Be Mine" Valentine's Day Anthology

Many of my writing friends and I have been featured in the newest Scribd download from Soft Whispers (Jim Wisneski). It's a free anthology about Anti-Valentine's Day. My featured story is "The Wedding Gift."

There are some great authors in this little e-book.
Let us all know how you liked it!


Unknown said...

Love it! Classic styling end-it-all overrun-by-the-terrible-things-in-the dark goodness.

Look, my story follows yours.
-David G Shrock

Laura Eno said...

I loved that story of yours the first time I read it and it hasn't lost its impact with a second reading. Truly a love story!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, nothing like hoards of the undead to spur on a love story. Makes me want to pick up my Zombie Survival Guide again.

Jodi Milner (pg 23)

Marisa Birns said...

Under the circumstances, the best wedding gift these two people in love could give each other. Excellent story.


Also, congrats on great new look!

Unknown said...

Yay! The gang is rolling in. It's so exciting to see your stories with mine! (I've read mine so yours were definite treats.)

Jodi MacArthur said...

I'm going to go download. Will let you know when I read yours. Looking forward to it. ;)