27 February 2010

Truth, Lies and Fiction - Personal Statements

First of all, all of you who have given me blog awards, thank you. I really am touched by your sponsorship.

I'm a writer, and I'm okay with that. I blog weekly with short fiction, and small features of my work placed elsewhere. I don't blog about myself, or what's going on in my life, and it seems that this should be rectified. People wish to know the face behind Carrie Clevenger. Fair enough, I'll tell you a few things about me.

Ten Facts on Carrie Clevenger:

1.I'm thirty-three.

2.I'm on my second marriage. The first one sucked. I have two children. Girls.

3.I'm from Indiana. I now live in Austin, Texas.

4.I work as an Admin for a high tech company. I was just promoted last October.

5.I don't have many real friends, but have adopted most of my husband's, because they are really cool people.

6.I have a weakness for Batman and Pirates of the Caribbean toys. I love Indiana Jones. I have a huge collection of buildable boats from a game I've never played. (like 1k of them) I finally had to quit buying them because I ran out of room.

7.I dated a man from England for awhile. I often asked him to read for me.

8.I started writing when I was 22.

9.I was a wild child, but rarely got in trouble. The one time I've been in jail was for a noble reason and was dismissed before it was even heard by the judge.

10.I am unhappy with the way I look.

Now for the wild lie with seven truths. (I'm making up my own rules here):

1.I'm haunted by a ghost during his season.

2.I used to be an exotic dancer.

3.I did this thing in high school called 'hood surfing' where I clung to the hood of a car going down a long stretch of road at 40-50 mph.

4.I used to shoplift, because all of my friends did it.

5.I've been with women, because I loved them.

6.I had a party at my house that lasted for a month. (I slept a total of perhaps 6 days-worth)

7.I used to play pool for money.

8. When a man tried to rape me when I was 14, I nearly put him in the hospital.

People that see me in real life think I'm either a bitch or a total space-case. My head is always in my stories. Plotting, thinking. I am an ultimate introvert and won't speak to people unless they speak to me first. I always sit on the side of the table facing the door because I know one day something bad will come through it.

I hope this has been entertaining and educational. Or, you might think I'm a complete freak. It's okay, I'm used to it.


P.S. In school, people called me Scary Carrie.


Laura Eno said...

I love all of those things! We might be twins or something. :)

Marisa Birns said...

Loved getting to know you here!

Hmm, let's see about your lie. I think it was the month-long party. Because you were too busy writing. :)

You're not Scary Carrie or Freak Carrie...you're Awesome Carrie!

Kristy Baxter said...

It is amazing how long I've known you (not long, in the scheme of things, but I've read enough of your writing to feel I know you well), and how few of these facts I knew.

And I can't figure out which statement is a lie in the second bunch, which will make me crazy all night.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Well, I'll be your friend, and even play that boat game -- it sounds cool. The Indiana background makes sense, said this once an Ohio girl ~ 'splains our "come what may" and always being cool about it ... which means all your truths and even the one lie glisten a little more about the multifacets to your prisms, WildChild. Which is the lie? - I figgered it out right away, but why spoil it for other folks, huh?

Your two daughters are fortunate to have a lovin'*crazy*cool*never-a-dull-moment Mom. Glad the "Scary Carrie" name I like to use was pre-perceived by those haunted Hoosiers. Glad too you don't kill people AT THE BIJOU. You're pretty damn special clever Clevenger. ~ Absolutely*Kate

MCrittenden said...

OH YA? I can top that. I once had a party for six hours and slept for a month of it. LOL! Such awesome factoids, Carrie. Fascinating. You might have just inspired me to write a little fact profile on myself as well. That was kind of fun to read.

Anonymous said...

I have to know what the boat game is. I've even googled "buildable boats" game and your site is the first thing that comes up and the second is a fansite for the video game I've been playing all weekend. It's like Dan Brown is running my life. There are NO coincidences.

I'm not one for personal blogging. Every thing about me is a lie from my name down. It's cruel enough to inflict my writing on my victims. Getting to know them first would be psychotic.

The Redhead said...

You are a fantastic woman, you know.

mazzz_in_Leeds said...

I'd go hood surfing with you any day :-D

Anne Tyler Lord said...

Oh yeah, I love reading about your life - you are a fascinating woman! And, I am just overly curious.

Your past has culminated in a great perspective for your writing. Now you are "Scary Carrie" for another reason - because your writing is so awesome!

Thanks for share more about yourself - I don't think I could begin to figure out which is your lie.

Unknown said...

Nah, you’re not a freak. You’re intriguing, kind and sometimes a little scary. I admire your assertiveness and strength. Thanks for sharing your great stories :) I’m not sure which is the lie…the party?

Unknown said...

The word "goddess" is too weak. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these tidibits, Carrie. I always like to get a tiny snapshot of the things that drive or somehow affect the psyche of a writer. I, too, am in the dark about which one could be a lie. Apparently you lie too well, which is good for a writer, I think. :-) I'm going to guess the hood one, mostly because the thought of that makes me cringe. And lastly, your eyes are the most piercingly gorgeous color of green. Just fyi.

Kayanna Kirby said...

We r so similar it's creepy except a few things here and there. Loved it.

Erin Cole said...

We all like to know the you behind all the great imaginings you create.

I especially enjoyed the part of sitting opposite to the door because you believe one day something bad will walk through it - that says so much about your craft of horror.

Thanks for braving truth and lies, Carrie-

Tony Noland said...

Thanks for taking the time to post these, Carrie. I'm glad to know you a little better.

Which one is the lie? I'm going to say the shoplifting. You don't strike me as the sort of person who would be thus guided by peer pressure.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the educated guesses. Out of everyone that read this, only Luke (my husband) got it right.

The lie was: I was never an exotic dancer. The rest is all true. Or approximated, thereof.

Unknown said...

Dammit. I was imagining you with feather fans and snakes.

Genevieve Jack said...

Awesome post! I could relate to so many of these things. I think the writer's mind is scary to outsiders sometimes, but WE understand you. I'm glad you've had a unique life because it comes out in your unique and fabulous writing.

Unknown said...

@Laura - I feel really close to you, especially with the Chinese Whisperings project.

@Marisa - You've been so supportive to me. I really appreciate your kindness.

@Kristy - Hope your craziness has been abated by the answer. Or you'll run far away. lol.

@Kate - Woman, I adore your site. The BIJOU is fantastic, and you work tirelessly to promote it and all the wonderful writers on the web.

Unknown said...

@Mark - Hmm, I could sleep like that now if I wasn't so busy WRITING! lol

@Anton - I'm fine with knowing you the way you are. ;)

@Rae - So are you. ;)

@Maria - I would if I was 15 again. ^_^

@Anne - Aww, that was really sweet of you to say!

@Jakobs - You've been a great reader. Thanks for stopping by to read!

@M and Ditty - Stop the lies, lol. You make me blush so much. ;)

@Kayanna - Hey, glad to meet you!

@Erin - Around person I've become fond of. Thanks for stopping by!

@Tony - You're gonna be super famous someday. Your fiction is spectacular.

Kristy Baxter said...

Not running anywhere, lol. THANK YOU for clearing it up, though. It was like a logic puzzle with a missing piece or something.

No, I'm not running, because I think you're fascinating. Your life has made you an amazing writer and a person with lots of highlights and shadows--these are things I love in a friend.

Also, I hope to someday hear more about both the ghost and the month-long party.

Deanna said...

Well now I feel guilty - and BEHIND - just gave you the Honest Scrap award on my site: http://theothersideofdeanna.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/honest-scrap-award-thank-you-readers/

Wish I had been here earlier to guess the lie, but I would've been wrong anyway. Thanks so much for sharing these truths Carrie. I know that's not easy for you, but they all show what I already knew about you - you're a kind person who tries not to let that show too much. :)

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Carrie, you are one of the coolest people I don't know.
It's funny you say you don't like the way you look... I look at the way you look and think, geez, I wish I looked like Carrie looks...
Just really enjoy your stories.. think you're cool and weird and cool and weird. And did I mention cool?
I did?

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Note to Kate: meant to tell you on your own blog but I didn't because... I dunno... anyway, your Bijou is just about the glitziest darn thing I've seen in blogworld.

Linda said...

Late to the party, always am, but I think you've one of the best minds around. I love the way you twist words into poems and stories that make me gasp. Now I see where some of your inspiration comes from.

I would've guessed exotic dancer. Only because of the post script. Thanks for showing us the woman behind the words... Peace, Linda

Jodi MacArthur said...

You are one awesome chick. The more variety one has in their past, the more able one can relate fiction truthfully. You do this. All your fiction rings true.

Awesome facts about a fabulous woman. I love you were called Scary Carrie in HS and the picture of you is lovely.

I so have a girl crush on you!

Unknown said...

All of you are too kind and make me blush just a little. I think we are all amazing in one way or another. I've enjoyed getting to know all of you immensely.

Jodi: Likewise. I'm not ashamed. We just 'click'.

Cathy: Girl, I'm just a normal person...on the outside. lol.