27 December 2010

2010-2011 Retrospect and Plans!

Photo credit: seemann from morguefile.com

2010 was a full year of—what exactly, will take more than more sentence. There were triumphs, losses, surprises, and hardships I haven’t really experienced before.

  • Published! (In no particular order)
  1. Best of Friday Flash ‘09
  2. Howl – Tales of the Feral and Infernal (Lame Goat Press)
  3. Daily Bites of Flesh 2011 – Pill Hill Press
  4. The Yin Book – Chinese Whisperings (imprint of Emergent Publishing)
  5. Various free e-books and ‘zines produced by peers in the industry

  • Promoted! At my day job, with a new region of responsibilities. I also went to the night-shift.

  • Husband found a job after nearly two years of struggle!

  • Flash-flood total loss of our other car prompted my first solo finance of a new vehicle.

  • New, more spacious apartment on Christmas Day.

Great things happened to me this year. I learned new things, met new people:

  • I gained a greater appreciation and understanding for social networking. Facebook has become a new favorite haunt. I attribute 98% of my blog traffic and writing career to Twitter.

  • I made a good deal of new friends, notably in or from New York and Australia. I also started looking in my own backyard and made a few connections in the Austin music industry.

  • I learned about the music industry, received a guitar to start practicing on, and continue to research in hopes of improving the final version of Crooked Fang.

Speaking of Crooked Fang…


  1. The Album - Album-writing is in process. My chosen musician (who chooses only to be known as “K.” right now) is a veritable genius at guitar, bass guitar, song-writing, and has the sound I’ve been looking for.

  1. The Book – The book Crooked Fang will be based on the free story previously posted at www.crookedfang.com. Currently with an editor for slaughter appraisal/approval.

  1. The Merchandise – It is possible that merchandise bearing my own custom Crooked Fang logo will be available later this year. I will keep you posted on this. Better news, look for a free Crooked Fang sample mp3 for download by spring 2011.

Support Crooked Fang by continuing to repost, retweet, and sharing the website url with everyone you think might be interested in the story. Support independent press!

More blah-blah-blah (as yet unconfirmed)

  • I have good intentions to produce a fresh new novella-length story for another independent press. I’m tickled pink that they even asked me if I was interested.

  • Further work on unannounced Emergent projects. (I consider Emergent my home-base)

  • Continue my studies with music, music history and influence, and especially my newest passion—music production.

If you’ve read this far, cheers! Your care and support is grandly appreciated. I cannot thank my friends and colleagues enough for their support. I cannot repay my family for the time I take to pursue my arts, but they are outstanding in their complete tolerance and understanding.

Thank you all! Without you, I’m nothing.

Carrie Clevenger
Christmas Day 2010


Scath said...

I haz keyboard. When do I need to be ready for your band to start?

And woohoo with Crooked Fang the book! Yay, yay, yay! [bounces around like an oversized Chihuahua]

Anonymous said...

Great to see that a year has borne so much goodness for you. Next year promises a lot of hard work but ultimately some great rewards.
Pleased to make your acquaintance from the Antipodes.
Adam B @revhappiness

Unknown said...

G, I'm taking a back seat on personal musical development to oversee this album production for Crooked Fang, but don't let that stop you! Get some friends together and kick some ass!

So excited, thanks for the warm comment! ^_^

Unknown said...


You're such a doll. I love your writing style and your love of music rivals mine completely! I wish you the best of luck on relearning that guitar my friend. :)

PJ said...

Carrie - that all sounds quite exciting! I'm so glad things are shaping up on the job/home front which must be a load off your mind. It frees up more of your brain for pursuing your passions! I look forward to seeing great things from you this year! :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much PJ. I'm really looking forward to the husband going permanent so we can invest in day care instead of both working fulltime and caring for a two year old besides. Well, there IS retail therapy...I'll do my best not to let you down. Happy New Year!

wulfie said...

Phew! That's a busy year! Lots of good stuff going on and coming to the fore. YAY! We wants mo' good stuffs!

Keep it up!

Glad to hear you're moved. Now to settle in....

Pamila Payne said...

Carrie, I'm constantly encouraged and inspired by your dedication to your creative emergence. Your will is as strong as a Clydesdale pulling a cart uphill. I'm so glad to see you catching breaks, getting recognition and piling up prospects for the new year. You've earned all that and more and I wish you the best. For someone I've never met in 3D, you've had a big impact on my life. I've really appreciated your kind words of encouragement and suggestions. Your wit, dry sense of humor and weird outlook give me hope that there's room out there for oddballs to make good. Keep at it, and know that I'm clawing my way up that hill too, and when we get to a decent flat spot, I'd like to sit around a fire with a bottle of wine and swap stories with you. Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to have found you. I expect to see lots of wonderful work come from your corner next year too! <3

Unknown said...


You've inspired me as well. I want to see your motel in print so bad it hurts. The world has this amazing writing right under its nose, and it's trapped on YOUR hard drive. Drive, drive, drive! Just do it. Fuck it, if it doesn't work, you tried. Love you my dark sister.

Unknown said...

Oh and Pamila? There will be wine and swapping of stories. One day.

nerinedorman said...

I admire anyone who can pursue literary and musical aspirations at the same time. At present my bass, she is languishing beneath a thick coating of dust... Although I must admit I did start playing again a few months ago.

Unknown said...


It's there when you're ready for it. Thanks for stopping by. <3

Anonymous said...

Carrie congratulations on all you've achieved this year, you are a writer I have a huge amount of respect for and always enjoy reading. I wish you success and happiness for the New Year.

Jason Coggins said...

If your new look sexy website is anything is to go by you have Ascended to Great Old One status at long last. I am in awe of all your dark creations and eagerly await whatever scraps you deem worthy of minions such as I.

Paul D Brazill said...

Congratulations on a cracking year! I reckon that 2011 will be another doozy!

Unknown said...

Will be watching.

Tony Noland said...

Congratulations on a great year, Carrie. It sounds like you've got a great set of things lined up for 2011, too!

MCrittenden said...

Super cool stuff, Carrie. I look forward to seeing the release of Crooked Fang. Keep us posted!

Laura Eno said...

Congrats on all you achieved and all you had to weather in 2010, Carrie! May 2011 be full of success for you.