11 January 2011

Of Dust and Spirit

Would this crumbling sort of grey fall away to expose the tattered chosen? Dead fingers grasp at the last space of air left behind in flight to take hold of something that will all-too-soon grow cold. This grave in stride, where one must end up when they’ve died and there is no second stop beyond. Still one longs to hold this strange memory, giving the illusion and questioning a certain conspiracy of where the road must end. One pretends in fact, that this person has not gone along and instead remains strong, an entity to benefit the rest of those left behind.

We create Heaven.

A holding tank or golden pastures to pleasure and entreat those who met certain demise. Fly in friendly skies on pretty wings all white and pristine; an idyllic scene to bring more to this deceived population. This congregation with scales in their eyes cannot realize that there is only a finite level of life left in these human batteries. The soul encased in flesh is best when still fresh and not left long to pull loose of moorings tossed aside.

We die without expectation.

Photo credit: lkc from morguefile.com

07 January 2011

Their Dark Masters - Available for purchase

I've been waiting for this book to be born! As a vampire writer myself, this brings me joy to know they all don't have to sparkle.

Gregory Miller- Journey to the crypt of an ancient vampire. You alone know his sacred resting place. He has promised to take you with him, when all time has ended and all things have died.

Lily Childs- A centuries-old triptych tells the story of things to come. A museum curator will come to learn its deadly secrets, and pay the ultimate price for knowledge.

Lee Hughes- Where do the lost boys of England go when there is no more room to take them in? A child discovers the truth, and makes a stand against evil.

Brian K. Ladd- A monastery houses the secrets of eternal life, and a monk must battle to keep them hidden.

From the editor:

This book is for those who have lost and are lost, and those who need to be spirited away. It is full of the most finely-crafted tales I have yet had the opportunity to edit, and now I turn them over to you, the reader. Enjoy.
-Mark A. Crittenden

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