17 March 2011

What Happens in Vegas - A Conclusion

Hello again,

The past twenty hours have been a complete mess, but I have learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes you have to let the other team win to protect your star athletes. I didn't know I'd get such a turnout to my defense. It's amazing how much support I received.

Unless I find copy-and-paste in the future, I'm not going to look. I have alerts installed that inform of the goings-on like any good little writer should. I'm not admitting defeat, only an agreement extended to stay in my corner and not let the small things/similarities/discussions provoke me.

The large blog of explanation has been pulled because I want this to be over. I can see from here it has flamed out of control due to the passionate people involved and that's not what I came here for. That's not what I stand for as a writer.

I came here to write fiction. And you all wondered why I never blogged about myself. Reality can be frightening.



Marisa Birns said...

Yes, plenty of times reality brings the scares.

I applaud your decision.It's best that you let everything end.

Just take your energy and keep writing your wonderful stories.

People can attempt to "borrow" from you shamelessly, but they can't take your talent with them.

Unknown said...

Once I realized that it was becoming a sides issue, I brought it down. I have good friends and a massive network. I refuse to misuse that.

Love you Marisa. See you Saturday at the Pale Rider.


Anonymous said...

That makes sense. Seems like a decision that works for you and yours, and that's all that matters in the end. Gods know we need your star athletes in top form! They are much hearted. ^.^


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

On the plus side, that's a ridiculously cute picture of you and your cat.

Anonymous said...

i've said this many times, but anyway... everything *I* write is the collective property of the working class.

once a story is told, it grows legs. one of my stories was stolen by a european kid and submitted as his own work ... it got a mediocre grade in his english language class, which was all the satisfaction i got. after about ten minutes of being pissed off, i became flattered, and am flattered still.

stories are meant to be passed on, added to, modified, and the only thing i'd really be upset about, were i you, is the shoddy treatment of the character you created.

peace & love...

John Wiswell said...

Left sort of a feisty comment on the blog you linked, but I'll back off if you want things to calm down, Carrie. Your desires are the most important in this matter.

Icy Sedgwick said...

I haven't been online so I think I've missed something but you know I stand beside you no matter what decisions you make.

Anonymous said...

I believe I missed something too, and I'm sorry about that Carrie! I've had a terrible time trying to keep up with everyone what with my "real" job being absolutely nuts right now!

But I agree with everyone else, it's great to know that you won't put up with this kind of crap, not that I'm surprised. Yes, we need your characters, your stories, and we need them now! :)

Jodi MacArthur said...

Plagiarism really pisses me off. It is dishonest and cowardly, add betrayal to that and it's simply indescribable. There is noway I can put it.

Letting go and getting on with the business of writing is probably the grown up writerly thing for you to do, but I still feel angry. I'll get over it (eventually). Focus on those big goals of yours, Carrie. Love the pic.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Seems Cathy Webster always has the most purrrrrfect interjections to the brouhaha's of life. I'm just as pleased that the fur is still up with feisty John and angry Jodes.

Caliber tells even more than 'sides' and you got that running yardage with you more than any sports metaphor I could take into the endzone, though I still call clipping calls, with a flag on the play in the red zone on the pitiful Pia gadget play.

I heard the whistle, I'm outta here. Besides NFL fans, it's basketball season. So bounce pass into better net results dear Carrie, and as ever ~

(couldn't resist - Cathy stole the cat-line) ~ Absolutely*Kate