14 April 2011

A Moment of Pause

Remember if you knew. Discover if you're still in the dark. It's been a year, leaving me at a loss yet I feel my part is to ensure everyone gets a chance to love Peter as much as we do:

His family has put together a blog and is doing regular postings of their memories of him. 

The Official Type O Negative website is hosting fan-created art in a special gallery.

MetalSucks did an extensive two-part interview with his family and friends. These are really in-depth memories/thoughts. It was often hard for them to speak:

Part I

Part II

Code Bass Radio is doing a special show in Peter Steele's honour today.
The listen-to link is here. 

Nerine Dorman did a heartfelt post here.


Icy Sedgwick said...

I still can't believe it's been a year. I'll have to play something by Type O when I DJ in a couple of weeks. Get a group toast going.

Unknown said...

That would be good. I still run across people who have never heard of him or his music. Everyone should have a chance to know him.

Unknown said...

Wow... A year already. It feels like yesterday.

synde said...

I just saw this today.. 2 years later..sad day indeed,