20 May 2011

Book Review: Khepera Redeemed, by Nerine Dorman

Khepera Redeemed (Khepera series, #2)Khepera Redeemed by Nerine Dorman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love the direction this second book in the series took. Dorman flashes more magic and world-building knowledge at us than you can shake a deathrattle at. Jamie (who now calls himself James) continues in his evolution as a human even as he comes face-to-face with something more terrifying and powerful than even he could ever imagine.

Where does the author come up with this? This book was even better than Khepera Rising, which also received the highest rating from me. I think that this book is more general-public-reading friendly, as its contents concentrate on worlds other than ours, rather than Jamie's questionable moral standing.

If you enjoy books of magic, and tire of the friendly, fuzzy magician books and fairies of urban fantasy, look no further. This was an amazing book.

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nerinedorman said...

Just glad that you enjoyed the book! Thank you for reading.