09 June 2011

Writing is...Worth Fighting For

I was tagged by Icy Sedgwick for this meme “Writing is…”

Writing is worth fighting for. It’s worth the loss of sleep that a new idea or a plot unkink causes. It’s worth the money spent on obscure, rare, or collectible volumes of research. It’s worth the time spent hunched over the keyboard so long my back cracks when I finally stand up. It’s worth starving over for just a few more hours until I can wrap up a scene or put the final touches on a short story.
There is no easy way to write. To write, I must suffer in isolation. I must buy strange music and subject myself to oddball hours to seek the silence that exists only when the others are sleeping. But I’m not the only one who must bend to the will of inspiration. My family has to understand why they can’t visit on a deadline weekend, or why I can’t just sit down and watch a movie when I’m posed in front of an open Word doc so long I may as well gather dust.
I must battle with my introverted nature when promoting my writing. I must spend months of my life writing blurbs, editing commas, and thinking/pursuing new and interesting ways to convince others to read what I’ve produced. The quaint, quiet writer of yesteryear has gone. Now an author must Tweet, Facebook and blog if he/she wishes to enjoy even an intermediate measure of success.
So then here I blog.

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Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

And the photo? Wow. I suddenly would give my firstborn child for a cigarette.
Seriously... want him?

Icy Sedgwick said...

It IS worth fighting for.

Plus you look amazing.

Unknown said...

No Cathy. I do not want your first-born. Oh wait. He does dishes, right?

Thanks for tagging me Icy.

John Wiswell said...

We have such different approaches to the written word. In isolation is where I'm least likely to suffer - like King wrote, "Hell is other people." Some of the time, anyway. Even in deepest prose meditation on suffering, mine or of others, the distance provides perspective, patience and information - which tend to leave me with cheer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for tagging me Carrie. I would never have guessed you are an introvert.

Unknown said...

John - Let me elaborate on my view of 'isolation'. It's the sort of aloneness I feel when I'm gushing over unravelling a new plot, or thinking up a new storyline. It's the glazed look in most peoples' eyes when I get excited over a research project and carry on about how awesome menial facts are.

It's having no time to watch shows, lest I be distracted. It's shoving off friends because I really want to spit out some more words.

I love that suffering.

What I am trying to convey in this opinion piece is that it is a fight to get words out with a full time job and a kiddo. A lot of it can best be defined as self-discipline. I always enjoy your visits. Thanks for stopping by.

Dorothy F. Shaw said...

As always, you are an inspiration for me. I know and understand every word you wrote. As you know, I stay up far too late at night to write or to talk about writing or just sit with those people online that feel what I feel and need... NEED to write.

Thank you, Carrie for inviting me into the insanity of this wonderful world. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Love ya girl

Dorothy F. Shaw said...


nerinedorman said...

There are some photos that make me miss having a fag... [wink]

My only regret with this whole writing business is that I don't have enough time to indulge in the one thing that got me into this spot of bother in the first place--reading.

I get frustrated with movies and TV shows, however. I keep seeing how plots and story arcs are subverted in the name of homogenisation.

Anton Gully said...

Hot photo!

Blah blah, something about writing?

Anton Gully said...

Wait! Like King wrote "Hell is other people?"

Wow JW, you need to, ya know, read more. Like King wrote... I heart you little guy but you need to read outside your comfort zone. Expand your consciousness. That'll help. Just, in general.