06 August 2011

Publishing Update - August

In my last blog post I hinted at holding a contract for publishing of Crooked Fang, the novel I’ve been working on forever and a day. It is time to announce that particular publisher. I created a Crooked Fang newsletter and released it out Friday to the mailing list and to the general public today. You'll find the full publishing announcement, plus other links and tidbits in there, as Xan worded them better than I could have. [wink]

What’s next on the agenda for me? More Crooked Fang. Since I can’t seem to work without concrete deadlines, I’m imposing them on myself. This is also how I finished the first novel. My schedule is as follows:

·         August 2011– Outline of Crooked Fang 2 completed
·         September 2011 – Anthology with two other female authors submitted
·         November 2011 – First draft of Crooked Fang 2 completed
·         February 2012 – Second draft of Crooked Fang completed, submitted for beta view
·         May 2012 – Crooked Fang (first novel) releases, Crooked Fang 2 goes into publisher’s hands.

All too often I hear people state that they have a novel in the works, but either don’t know how to finish it, or feel overwhelmed by the daunting aspect of revision. To this I say: Do it. Just keep working on it. Even if it’s a page a day. Don’t stop believing in your story.

Other News – Crooked Fang

I’m currently working on merchandise, focusing on wearables and stickers. Granted, I have no concept of how great the desire is for branded Crooked Fang gear, so I plan to release a limited line initially, increasing as demand also increases, if it does.

Testing t-shirt design and graphics application

There are a few other creative ideas in the mixer also, but nothing fully gelled. I’ll keep you posted.I also want to start releasing flash stories again, hoping for one a month, maybe more as time allows.Again to those of you who read my words, thank you immensely for your support as I walk in a different direction. The terrain is becoming more familiar as I go, but it’s still an uncertain future.



Scath said...

I want a coffee cup. Make me a coffee cup! :)

Unknown said...

I seriously would not be opposed to coffee cups.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

All that info (congrats, Carrie) and my goldfish brain goes, "oh! coffee cups!"
I would love a hot painting of hot Xan on that cup, too. Something steamy to with my morning pint.

Jodi MacArthur said...

Wonderful, Carrie. Congrats. And I agree about goals. It helps to keep on track when life throws us a doozie. And, I'd totally love a CF coffee cup ;p

Icy Sedgwick said...

I have GOT to have a CF skinny tee. GOT TO.

nerinedorman said...

Reading this I feel like an underachiever!