25 August 2011

Re: My Last Post - Clarification

My last blog post was intended to be a general blurb, about how trying to sell books has changed. I see there’s some kind of odd reception, as there usually is with all of my writing. Point is, I’m not worried. I have been asked time and time again how I do what I do, and I was going to make a set of posts detailing some aspects of my strategy but I don’t feel I should. I’m not looking for criticism or to be exposed as someone who ultimately wants to make a sale. Let me explain in my oh-so-bitchy-but-makes-sense sort of way:

It’s an achievement. It’s my dream. 

We all have aspirations and dreams, whether it’s to build a house to specs, or to finally own that shiny sports car. Mine is to make books. I like writing books and having them be nice and edited, and look sharp in the final formatting. The truth is this: I write because I love the story. I am encouraged to write more because of my readers. I don’t write to become a best seller, or famous, or rich. I’m not looking to eat off my proceeds. I’m even considering different charities to donate portions to.

In conclusion to my gripety-gripe-gripe post, I leave you with this:

Whatever your goal is—it should include a plan to succeed. 

Think about that.

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John Wiswell said...

I don't consider it bitchy to clarify or expand on your intentions. I also often write primarily for the story, or at least for my characters. This does read a little dissonant with your earlier claim that we need to sell everything but our novel, but I can appreciate where both drives come from.

Icy Sedgwick said...

Wise words, and none of this was bitchy. You should definitely factor success into any plan you have, and it's always nice to know what someone's ultimate intention is.

Dorothy F. Shaw said...

Bless the critics and their opinions. Do what makes YOU happy. That's what matters most.