08 November 2011

BLOOD AND FIRE - My upcoming collab

I know I haven't blogged or posted many stories lately, but I do assure you that I have been working on Crooked Fang-related material! Here's a quick link to the post over at crookedfang.com.
(the excerpt and picture looked better on the white background)
<----small preview...

Nerine Dorman and I will be releasing this for a menial price in February 2012 in all electronic formats.

Don't forget, Crooked Fang itself will be unleashed upon the world May 2012!

See Nerine Dorman's post for the other half here!

02 November 2011

Help this band achieve their dream

With three days left, the clock is running out. Sitting at 71% of goal, the $2k is so close, yet so far away. I'm asking you to reach out, share, and donate. Even $5 and a post to your Twitter or Facebook wall would do a big favor to this local Austin band.

Get swag from Powderburn! See "Lights Go Down" vid:

You can pledge here:

ONE FIX, their last album is here at a name-your-own-price bargain.