09 January 2012

Bracing Myself for Twelve

     At the end of 2011, I was at a crossroads, deciding where I wanted to take my next step in writing stories. I knew Blood and Fire had been accepted, and Crooked Fang is still at the publisher’s, awaiting the final razor. I’ve been forging ahead with Pale Rider, the second installment in the Crooked Fang series and all in all, I’ll venture to say the character Xan Marcelles has found a receptive audience.

So what’s next? Resolutions? Promises? Try a vague guess at what I might fall into next. Real life, as always, takes an alternating leap ahead of what still feels like hobbyist writing, so the progress is slower than one might expect. At the rate I’m going, averaging a number of approximately five-thousand words a week, Pale Rider has a way to go. My mind itches to do something different, something…meaner.

There’s been requests for more stories from myself and my co-author Nerine Dorman, and I believe we shall be answering that call once again. Nothing solid yet, but we’re attempting a sketch on our longest work together yet. I’ll keep you posted on that front.

Back to the mean stuff. Rubbing shoulders with some of today’s horror greats has tickled my fancy to come up with something …horrid, but again, nothing definite yet. I had a concept for a Purgatory-like literaryscape, and I’d like to explore that universe further. I have hopes  that place too will find a receptive readership.

Writing Blood and Fire with Nerine made me realize just how out of practice I am at penning horror-style stories.  Maybe I’ll post a few excerpts right here for your appraisal.

Twenty-twelve promises to be the turning point in my status as an author. How will I fare?

Only time will tell.



Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Looking forward to your progress!!! So exciting.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the encouragement. xx