21 October 2012

Introducing Annice Sands - Erotic Author

I've been writing short stories for some time, as my oldest readers know. Throughout that time, I've written all sorts of genres and dabbled in one that continues to elude my horrific sensibility. As fellow writers know, erotica is blossoming and lunging forward in the race for the top-read genre and I am not one to discount the merits of a good, sexy story.

Therefore, I decided to join in. Don't laugh! Okay, you can laugh, because I did and still do as I post every new story, but I hope to learn more from this new frontier (at least to me) and incorporate it into the rest of my writing.

I write under a pen name and have been for a short time and after discussion with my family (you know how they are) I've decided to release that identity. [grins]

In the erotic world, I'm vaguely known as Annice Sands, and I have taken up the offer to continue writing for Everything Erotic as I learn the craft of writing sex. It's very hard to do, you know? I just said "hard," heh.

You can find my infantile efforts at Everything Erotic, under the tag Annice Sands if you enjoy erotic interludes. I welcome your comments and wordless gestures of surprise.

Follow Annice Sands on Twitter for news of new posts: @annicesands



Dorothy F. Shaw said...

You're a rock star! Rock HARD! Lol

Anonymous said...

:-) Oooh ahhh that is sooo cool. I am going to have to look into this. I have been wanting to try writing erotica for awhile....as well as getting back into normal writing.

Icy Sedgwick said...

You're so much braver than me! Best of luck with the new venture.