02 October 2012

October Sale on Crooked Fang!

October has always been my favorite month. Aside from the Autumn colors and overall cooler temperatures here in Austin, Texas there’s Halloween. A good spooky writer has to love Halloween, right? In fact, Crooked Fang opens the week before.

The response has been tremendous for Crooked Fang so in light of October 10th being Xan Marcelles’s birthday, it was decided that October should be the month of opportunity.

I've designated October to be Monster Fang Month, with deep discounts on both print and ebook versions of Crooked Fang. My two publishers were wonderful in working together with me to make this possible. Here’s the rundown of the savings:

Print books – CreateSpace and Amazon are 25% off standard cover price almost everywhere. (check your region’s Amazon to be sure)

Ebooks – Kindle books $2.99 (US) and £1.91 (UK)
               Nook books $2.99
               Complete zip file of formats, Lyrical $2.99

Giveaways – ebooks will be given out to winners of random draw over on the Crooked Fang blog on October 10, 17, and 24. All those entrants will be put together to draw for a special grand prize of a signed Crooked Fang paperback (plus whatever else I can think to toss into the envelope) on October 31st

If you have been wanting Crooked Fang but have hesitated either because of finances or indecision, October is definitely the month for you to act. These prices will never be lower.

Reviews for Crooked Fang:

“Perhaps the primary thing that makes Xan Marcelles different from most of the vampires you are likely to read about in contemporary paranormal romance or urban fantasy is that Xan is so “normal” it’s kind of unnatural.” Suz from Paperback Dolls

 “This isn’t the story of a vampire being a vampire. It’s the story of a vampire being a guy. Problems plague Xan. Band issues, girl issues, his past, etc. And then when you forget he’s a vampire, BAM, a wretched creature appears, and a slayer tries to stake him!” Will Knight from Bibliophilia, Please

 “When it ended it was like closing to a door on a life I was vicariously living and loving.” Beverly from Sizzling Hot Books

After October, I most likely will fall quiet, except for the occasional check-ins and little flashes you all know me for. It’s high time I got busy with Crooked Fang II.

Happy October!


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