30 May 2013

Traitors (Crooked Fang) - An Introduction #vampire

Here's the latest from the Crooked Fang camp! Introducing Traitors, an upcoming Crooked Fang novella in a spin-off interlude to keep the stories flowing until I get that big Crooked Fang II, now renamed Zero (hard to keep up, isn't it?). Xan posted a nice brief article on the story behind the cover here.

Without further ado, The Blurb:

Without his rock band, Crooked Fang, vampire Xan Marcelles discovers that normal life is way more boring than he remembers. But trouble has a way of delivering excitement to his doorstep, and this time it’s dug a little nest in Texas. A passenger wouldn't be too big of an issue if it were anyone else, but Nin doesn’t exactly have a track record of integrity. 

The real question is, which will be more dangerous – the devil he knows, or the threat lurking on the horizon?

The cover really did turn out stunning, as seen here:

This will be Fall 2013 release, with the exact date to be disclosed closer to that point in time. Until then, revisions. Hoping to add even more "scenery" into the story. Nerine Dorman, the editor for Crooked Fang, is working with me on this novel to ensure a level of continuity my readers will certainly appreciate. 
If you haven't yet read Crooked Fang, you can find all the buy links here
Reviews for the novel have been very positive and I hope that you too can give Xan Marcelles a bit of your reading time.

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