25 June 2013

How is Carrie? - An Update

Let’s just get it out there: I have fibromyalgia, you know, that funny-sounding condition you may have heard about.

It all started in January of 2012. One day, I discovered I couldn’t eat anything. After three days of not being able to even keep down water, I visited the doctor. He prescribed little purple pills designed to change the acidity in my stomach, which worked wonders. I was back on track, with a few minor changes to my diet. Once the pills ran out, I was left with few food options. I switched to mostly organic veggies, rice and fish. That seemed to help and so I continued on my way. During this period of time, I went from a US size 10 to a size 6. I was losing weight rapidly and it wasn’t intentional. I also started to lose strength. Jars were hard to open. I grew weary halfway through grocery shopping. The worse was yet to come.

My muscles began to twitch. At first, it was like a slight jump. They increased in area, then in severity. I found myself lying in bed, trying to will myself to sleep. I had begun taking Ambien as a sleep aid, which probably saved my sanity as well. The twitches travelled all over my body: in my arms, my legs, even my toes and fingers. I developed terrible migraines. Back to the doctor I went. This time, I was subjected to a battery of tests by neurologist. No nerve damage. Everything seemed fine. A ringing in my ears started. So, I went to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor. Nothing wrong with my ears. The doctor’s viewpoint was cloudy on the fibro. He wasn’t sure if the condition even existed, and he didn’t have expertise on the matter.

Today, I am 118 pounds. I wear a size 4, and that’s probably because my hip bones are too wide to allow for a smaller size. My energy levels are variable. Weather can chase me into the bed for days. The cold weather in Indiana nearly paralyzed my right arm in a sheath of sheer agony when I went to my grandmother's funeral.

The "mind-fog" has been the worst thing. I can hardly remember half of what I want to do or what I was doing before, and that has been helped with the use of reminders, calendars, and paper lists tacked everywhere.

I’m still writing as time allows. I’ve cleaned up most of the stress I was under and have learned to deal with the rest, one issue at a time. This is the reason I’ve switched to releasing novellas and short stories, to allow me to still express my ideas at a pace I can afford.

With this said, I’m sorry that I was unable to release a full second Crooked Fang novel as I had hoped, but my novella, Traitors, will be released sometime in October. I've planned two more novellas after that, to finish up with the afore-promised second full novel, tentatively entitled Zero. I will also continue to try to post flash stories, along with any other brain morsels I come upon.

I thank you all again for your continued love and support. I can’t wait to bring you more of Xan Marcelles’s adventures.

All my best,

Carrie Clevenger

My first book signing, New Orleans, LA


Icy Sedgwick said...

My mum had a form of that (the one that's not permanent) so I can relate to some of the pain you've been in. Sending you hundreds of super hugs from the UK. *squish*

Larry Kollar said...

{{{Carrie}}} that's awful. I hope something works for a treatment.

Tim VanSant Writes said...

FWIW, sending positive energy your way.

John Wiswell said...

Thank you for sharing your struggles with us, Carrie. Pursuing an unknown problem in your health is infernal - it's my life story. I'm very sorry you've had to struggle with these things, but am also heartened that you're controlling more of the stress that comes in. If you ever want to talk privately, I'm an e-mail away.

Coyote Southbridge said...

That sucks my dear. I did this dance with the doctors for years before they settled on the auto-immune/fibro combo (though that changes with the rheumatologist, the weather, and the phases of the moon). There was an interesting study published recently about a cause for fibromyalgia. I'm still reviewing it for it's validity but there is some forward progress on the subject. If you need someone to decode the science mumbo jumbo or to vent to a fellow sufferer you've got my email.

Kelley Marie said...

Best wishes to you my lady! Thank you for sharing your story.

Unknown said...

I really appreciate the support you've all given. It's amazing how many people have this condition, so many friends. I guess I'm the first in my family to develop fibro, not something I wanted to be first in.

Unknown said...
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