03 January 2014

Crooked Fang ebook is moving - News

Beloved readers of Crooked Fang:

The new ebook cover of Crooked Fang
Soon, the ebook links for my flagship novel, Crooked Fang, will be removed from vendor sites. Lyrical Press has undergone a business change and I decided that was not the right direction for my series. I'm in the process of changing the ebook back to the way it was written, accent marks and all. I've a goal to get the book back up on the vendor sites as soon as possible.

These changes only temporarily affect the ebook version of Crooked Fang. No other title will be changed from the current form.

If you are a current ebook holder:
To my knowledge, this will not affect your copy. I will be extending an offer out of courtesy in the near future to all Crooked Fang ebook owners to get a free updated version. The updates will be both cosmetic (both versions will now have the dark blue "print" cover pictured to the right) along with extremely minor edits in the text. Main changes will be the re-introduction of native speakers' accent marks as appropriate (and respectful) back into the story.

To get your free updated copy (when it becomes available) you will need to email a proof of purchase.

For all new purchases of the Crooked Fang ebook:
You will get the new version of the ebook (all vendor sites). 

Watch this space for updates. Or this one. (Crooked Fang book website)

Again, thanks for reading and continued support of the Crooked Fang series.

Carrie Clevenger

PS: Further inquiries can be directed to the "Email Me" form on this blog's sidebar.


Larry Kollar said...

At least it was easy for you to get your rights back. Are you going to try working with a new publisher, or going it alone?

Unknown said...

For now, I have to get it back out there. I'll be going to Kantarr Kanticles (same as the print and Traitors) to re-release.

John Wiswell said...

Godspeed, Carrie! Glad you got the rights back without too much of a struggle.